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These Vegan Substitutes Are Great Swaps for Common Food Items

Many people often consider switching to a more sustainable vegan diet. It can also do wonders for your health, especially if you have specific ailments, like diabetes. Although it can be jarring to convert your lifestyle in such a significant way, it is completely possible with a series of small shifts. That’s right – don’t quick meat, dairy, and other nutritionally-based food groups cold turkey, or even all at once. These five food substitutes below will help you get started in replacing eggs, milk, cheese, and more.


Versatile and surprisingly cheap, jackfruit is a non-processed ingredient that you will often find in cans, meaning you can stock up in the cupboard. It makes a great replacement for chicken, perhaps in a stir-fry, but can also be prepared to resemble tuna.


The water from a can of chickpeas is a superb substitute for egg white. Use it to make meringues, mousses, macarons, and brownies. It can even be a central ingredient in dairy-free batter and sauces, like mayonnaise. You can even use it in cocktails!

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Popular types of non-dairy milk include oat, hazelnut, cashew, soy, almond, and hemp. It is also easy to make your own by soaking raw nuts, blending with water, and straining. Alternatives to milk are not only a great substitute for drinks, but they can also be used in many recipes for cooking and baking.

Alternative Cheese

It is tricky to replicate the real deal, but alternative cheeses are really improving. They are made by using a variety of ingredients, including coconuts, aquafaba, nuts, and solidified vegetable oil. It is best to opt for one fortified with vitamin B12 and calcium.


Made from soybeans, tofu is a less-processed substitute for meat as it is a complete protein. The firm variety is best for cooking in savory dishes, and you can use the softer types for things, such as in a tofu scramble in place of an egg or add it to puddings and bakes.

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